Why The President of The United States of America Hate Huawei?

Talking about a smartphone not only has to review from the innards, but there are interesting things beyond that. We all know the Chinese market in producing smartphones deserves thumbs up. They have now proven to the world that the best technology can be mass-produced at low prices for the needs of the community.

China Vs America

Until finally, the Chinese government supported Huawei with its high sense of nationalism, Trump’s embargo on Huawei due to the trade war that was carried out indeed came in a barrage, so has Huawei lost the battle?

The answer is no, Huawei still stands firmly in its own home smartphone sales in China seen Huawei also become number one, even growth in the world market increased bypassing Apple, although still under Samsung. It looks like Trump’s tactics didn’t work perfectly. Huawei still continues to provide the best service for its consumers.

donald trump bans huawei

Why does Trump hate Huawei so much? Actually, it is not the brand he hates, but the technology developed by China makes Trump afraid. At this time, data processing and high technology that can silence the world is still in the hands of US companies. But the visionary views of the Chinese government made the US begin to think that the progress of implementing technology in China must be blocked.

huawei and its 5g technology

The world is beginning to see the development of the bamboo curtain country that can make it difficult for them in the future. 5G technology in China becomes the initial foundation that must be blocked. But instead of China subject to their nationalism disturbed, Huawei also dominates the cellphones that are widely bought in China even when in all brands on the sluggish growth of Huawei rose rapidly. The Chinese people seem to want to tell that their largest population in the world is an essential consumer of the global world. Imagine that within a minute, Mate 30 5G sold 100,000 units.

Donald Trump and Huawei

Like it or not, this enthusiasm made the optimism that arose again among entrepreneurs until ARM, who came from the UK, began giving back and supporting Huawei. Indeed, this is just the beginning of the steps China is trying to fight, thanks to trade competition with America, showing the actual quality of China and the US as a superpower now knows that in the future, Chinese products, if not dammed, will dominate the world.

Donald Trump and Huawei

If that happens, America is going to lose the glory of civilization that they are proud of. Maybe America is just a story like the story of the ancient Indian tribe or the tale of Roman culture that we know from history books.