US Citizens is About to ‘Storm Area 51’ To See Aliens

area51 sign

The discourse to invade Area 51 located in the United States is becoming viral on the internet. Through the event titled Storm Area 51, The Can’t Stop All of Us, citizens are invited to jointly attack Area 51 and see hidden aliens.

Although the event itself was finally called just a joke, this had made the United States government worried and stated that they were ready to dispel any threats. A viral invitation on Facebook for netizens to jointly invade Area 51 in Nevada, United States, initially it was just a joke. But there are indications that something really serious will come on a predetermined date to find aliens. They even joke about for inviting the aliens to join them to play situs slot online terbaik casino game, an online platform that everybody can join for slot game.storm area51

Millions of people have expressed interest in coming to Area 51 in the event titled ‘Storm Area 51’. Mostly just joking but after around Area 51 visited by the media, it turns out there are inns that are full booked.

“Sounds like the event was just a joke, but it seems that there are some people who want to check it out,” said Connie West, owner of the Little A’Le’Inn inn which is closest to Area 51. For those who don’t know, Area 51 is a military base owned by the United States Air Force which is said to be a place for secret activities and research.

In fact, there are also many conspiracy theories that claim that Area 51 hides alien bodies and UFOs. However, what are the facts behind Area 51? Reporting from the Buzzfeed page, here are 5 facts about Area 51.

1. There are no fences around Area 51

Even though it is forbidden to the public, Area 51 is apparently not given any fence. Instead, there is only an orange pole marking the border, also a sign that says that the public cannot cross the area.

Although not fenced, anyone who dares to violate must be prepared to face the consequences because the guards of Area 51 are allowed to use weapons for the safety of the place.

2. Area 51 employees have their own terminal and aircraft

To enter this area, employees in Area 51 must board a plane via a special terminal called Coast Gold at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas. In addition to passing a special terminal, they will also use a plane named Janet which has absolutely no logo and only one red line.

3. Have various other names

The name Area 51 does make this place seem more mysterious and is suitable as a backdrop for various conspiracy theories. However, besides Area 51, this place was once named Paradise Ranch, Watertown, and even Dreamland.

4. There are Area 51 workers who have revealed their secrets there

About 30 years ago, a man named Lazar Bob confessed to local media that he had worked at a “secret facility” near Area 51. At that time, Bob Lazar admitted if they conducted alien technology tests and also spacecraft or UFOs.

5. Area 51 is also mentioned in the conspiracy theories of the moon

In addition to the conspiracy about aliens, there is also a conspiracy theory about the landing of a busy moon circulating on the internet since years ago. One of the theories turned out to mention that the moon landing was only an invention and the recording process was carried out in Area 51. Even so, this conspiracy theory certainly cannot be confirmed.