Trump Vs Nancy Pelosi, Rejected Handshakes To Shredding Speech Paper

President of the United States, Donald Trump, and Chair of the House of Representatives (American House of Representatives), Nancy Pelosi, is known to have poor political relations. Pelosi was a figure who led Trump’s impeachment or impeachment process at the House of Representation. This bad relationship reappeared before the public, Tuesday (02/04/2020) local time while attending the annual State of the Union speeches, on Capitol Hill, Washington. The drama starts from the beginning until the congress ends. So, what kind of drama happened between the two?

Short Welcome

Upon entering the room, Trump received a standing ovation from the audience who applauded while shouting, “Four more years!” At that time, Pelosi was the one who gave a speech on the presence of the number one person in the United States. In general, the remarks for the President contained sentences full of pride. But not with what was said by Pelosi. She only welcomed Trump’s presence in very short sentences. “Congress participant, President of the United States,” she said. In his greeting, Pelosi did not even mention the name of Donald Trump.

Refuse To Shake Hands

After the welcoming incident, Trump gave a folder containing a copy of the speech he would present to Vice President Mike Pence and Pelosi, who sat behind his podium. When Pelosi received the folder, the 79-year-old Democratic politician then extended her hand while smiling to invite Trump to shake hands. But the invitation was ignored by the President, either because Trump had already reversed direction so he did not see it, or indeed he who deliberately did not welcome the helping hand of Pelosi. As a result, Pelosi laughed while raising her eyebrows and shoulders as a form of spontaneous reaction.

Then, Trump also delivered his speech for 1 hour, 18 minutes. One of the points delivered by Trump is about the condition of the unity of the United States, which is considered to be going better than before. During the speech, Trump did not discuss anything related to the scandal that dragged his name until he had to accept the impeachment process. Instead, Trump focuses on delivering the government’s achievements, policy objectives, and America’s eternal passion. Listening to Trump’s statements, Pelosi was seen shaking her head as a sign of disagreement with the points conveyed. On one occasion, he also expressed his intention to stop the war with the Middle East Country, Iran.

Tear Up a Copy of The State Speech Paper

Then, shortly after Trump ended his speech, Pelosi blatantly tore up a paper copy of the state address that was previously given to him. She divided the pieces of speech paper so that it wasn’t too thick and then tore it into two parts. She did that right behind Trump so that it was clearly recorded by a camera focusing on the President. When asked why she tore up the speech paper, she answered curtly. “That’s the politest thing that can be done, rather than doing other alternatives,” Pelosi said. At the same time, Pence, the Vice President, stood up and led the congress participants to applaud Trump. This meeting was the first for both after Pelosi left the White House at a conference four months ago.