The accusation of Developing Nuclear, US Announces Latest Iran Sanctions Round

Accusing Iran of continuing to develop nuclear power, the US has demanded that Iran is canceled against 14 people and 17 entities in Iran. A senior US government official published the Iranian argument urging “urgent technical experts and entities relating to Iran’s previous advocacy efforts.”

The US Department of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance on Friday (22/3) sentenced 14 people and 17 entities related to SPND – Iranian organizations for defense, innovation and research.

“Our maximum pressure campaign on #Iran continued with today’s sentence on targets plunged into the nuclear regime program, classified as former nuclear weapons. We succeeded in endlessly denying Iran’s skills to be included in the proliferation of weapons of WMD mass destruction and all activities that violate the law, “US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke in every tweet.

In giving sanctions to Iran, all senior US government officials repeatedly, the existence of subordinate organizations and SPND can be agreed to continue work related to missiles for Iran, regardless of the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency and US transition organizations, which Iran has.

“In action after action over the past few years, the Iranian regime has been very successful in fostering these companies, pretending as if they were from another location doing something else, but gaining profits in so many ways going back from the international financial system, “A senior government official said.

The senior government official said that it was Iran which supported “urgent technical experts and entities relating to previous Iranian weapons efforts.”

Messages sent to send a strong message to the international community and all Iranian researchers to not work with SPND.

A second senior government official said, “the continued existence of the SPND” through many reorganizations and the development of the name “overcomes the problem of Iran which continues to struggle to maintain its choice to return to old ways.”

Officials issued documents presented by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran’s work, and asked the US to use the source. Those who reported that they got what was mentioned through the documentation.

“We use information from documentation to this day,” they said. “This is a concrete example of how we use the information in the documentation as not from our intelligence tools in the present.”

However, all these government officials will not approve their agreement directly. Netanyahu, Iran, approves its nuclear work in 2018.

Instead, a senior government official told reporters that “the challenge with SPND means an organization, whose parts have been approved to use multiple beneficial people, which can easily be processed into activities as previously implemented on the program. weapon. “

US officials will not answer that they do not need to ask questions about those who are asked in the requested order to gouge themselves out of the agreement.

“That’s the highest standard,” said an official.

In January, the Director of US National Intelligence and Mantel stated that there was no indication Iran had compiled this to develop nuclear weapons, and Tehran continued its development agreement in 2015 by the Trump government.

“Although we do not believe Iran’s compilation is doing the main work that we consider necessary to produce reserves, all Iranian officials have been exposed to scare for JCPOA negotiations, and Iran cannot find the financial assistance sought from asking for it,” said Coats.

Last month, all Israeli and US leaders continued to ask for a confrontation at the Warsaw ministerial meeting with Iran about Middle East peace, and strongly condemned Europe.

US Deputy President Mike Pence made Iran the main cause of all regional instability, as he told 62 countries involved in Warsaw, and criticized Europe for demanding that he use the Iranian agreement and dismiss relations with Washington in increasing opposition to Tehran.

“Sadly, the contribution of our main partners in Europe has not been so cooperative regarding Iran, the approval of countries in the Gulf,” Pence said in a speech to ministers.

Referring to Iran’s 2009 protests, the vice president said, “The world has missed the last opportunity to fight the regime, but not this time.”

Nicole Gaouette from CNN contributed to this report.

Key portrait: US National Security Advisor John Bolton said at a summit of United Against Nuclear Iran, New York, September 25, 2018.