$ 1 Billion ‘Mega Millions’ Lottery Winner Number Announced

The wait for millions of people who purchase Mega Millions jackpot lottery tickets, which now reach one billion dollars, is completed when the winning numbers are notified Friday night (10/19), namely 65-53-23-15-70. It is unclear who has won the number because it is often only known Saturday or Sunday. But if there are no winners, the lottery will continue to roll until the next draw is Tuesday (10/23), with an even higher value. The value of the lottery announced this Friday is the second largest ever in American history. The first is the value of the 2016 Powerball lottery which reached 1.59 billion dollars.

People who dream of quitting their activities or contributing to charity, these last few days have been lining up at retail stores that market the Mega Millions lottery with a value of more than one billion dollars, even though the chances of winning are the smallest. The opportunity to win the Mega Millions is 1 in 303,000,000. People who successfully win the lucky number six jackpot lottery can claim the lottery money in two ways, namely receiving regular payments of around 30 years, or receiving one payment at a time. The amount to be received will be subject to federal tax, elemental state taxes, and local taxes which can reach tens of millions of dollars.

If the lottery owners do not win the Mega Millions, they can pursue other delusions by participating in the Powerball lottery, which will be drawn on Saturday (20/10) with a prize of 430 million dollars. The two lottery draws were held in 44 American states, Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.

Lottery Winners in the US are Rewarded for a High Prize

Men in the United States who have not been identified have won a lottery worth USD 1,537 billion or Rp.2.2 trillion in the Mega Millions lottery. Chances are the lottery winner will not be identified. As quoted by ABC, Thursday (10/25/2018), the executor of Mega Millions said, winning tickets were bought in South Carolina with six figures published in the draw on Tuesday (October 23, 2018).

The five numbers are 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and Mega Ball 5. The lottery prize is the biggest prize in the world, but the Mega Millions website says, this number is not much lower than the Powerball prize in 2016 which amounts to USD 1,589 billion. There are no details about where the winning ticket was sold in South Carolina.

In the United States, North Carolina is one of eight countries together with Kansas, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Georgia, North Dakota, and Ohio for lottery-winning personalities not revealed. Mega Millions is marketed in 44 countries in the US and Washington, DC, and the Virgin Islands. The winner of this lottery may be called the luckiest because the number could be the winner is one in 301.5 million. The winner who can guess six points correctly will get one-time direct cash of US $ 878 million or receive the US $ 1.53 billion in 29 years.

Lottery is one of the United States most favorite gambling game. Other than Lottery, Poker is also popular, with bingo and casino alongside. Poker divides into a lot of games, like Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven-card Stud, Five Card Draw, Super 10 and many others. Super 10 is a newcomer Poker Game and starting to grow bigger in the States, brought by a Poker Online Company called YukPokerOnline.

It is estimated that it takes many days or even weeks before the winner is to report. The lottery organizer said the winner might need to spend time thinking about plans for how to use the hundreds of millions of dollars they won. The different thing that needs attention is security for someone who becomes suddenly rich. Depending on which country in the United States, lottery winners have 180 days to a year to collect prizes. This Mega Millions jackpot has significantly increased because there hasn’t been anyone who can guess six numbers in the past three months and find the grand prize. The previous winner was July 24, where 11 workers from California won USD 543 million.

Donald Trump Intensifies Racial Attacks for Politics

President of the United States (US) Donald Trump added to his attack on four non-white members of the House of Representative for women.

This shows the attack was the key to his strategy to win the 2020 presidential election.

Even though the Democrats criticized his comments on four members of Congress from a minority group as racist confessions, Trump continued to attack them. He wrote that they were allowed to leave the US if they did not like his policies on immigration issues and defend Israel.

“So all the members of Congress, their comments helped fuel the rise of a risky and militant left-wing,” Trump said in front of supporters in North Carolina, an elemental state that was the key to his victory in the US presidential election next Thursday.

In the past week Trump’s comments on four members of Congress, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, now known as ‘the squad’ on Twitter, have angered the Democratic Party. He wrote four minority women to return to their home countries.
The four liberal-progressive wing women of the Democratic Party are US citizens. Three of them have sprung up in the United States.

One source close to Trump wrote the attack to create Democrats as if they had left. Before the upcoming November 2020 presidential election, Trump struggled to push voters to his side.

“As we get closer to the cycle of 2020 he strives to create them into the face of the Democrats, and he strives to push them into a collection of fringes to the extent that they might turn off their middle road voters,” said the source.

Trump tells of the future of Omar, who have sprung up in Somalia and immigrated to the United States since childhood. His supporters shouted, ‘Send him back.’

“Tonight I have a suggestion for hate-filled extremists who constantly strive to destroy our country, they never write good things, so that’s why I say ‘Hey if you don’t like it, let them go, let them go,” Trump said.

From his 90-minute speech, Trump drained a fifth of it to criticize the four members of Congress. His supporters responded enthusiastically.

Former vice president Joe Biden who advanced as a candidate for the 2020 presidential candidate defied Trump’s statement. “Members of this Congress, immigrant children, like not a few of us, are examples of what created America great,” Biden said on Twitter.

In the introduction of his North Carolina speech, Trump denounced Biden and other Democratic Party candidates. He repeatedly mentioned Senator Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas,’ using Warren’s controversy which had written him a descendant of Native American tribes.

Trump’s attack on Twitter had upset his advisors. They saw it was the most outrageous.

But two of his advisors wrote since that Trump offered the opposite view. He created a political view of the four members of the women’s Congress, which were socialist, out of public opinion, and full of hatred.

“If the American people have to choose between the squad and the president, then that will be an easy decision,” said his advisor.

Trump’s Statement Triggers Debate on Race, Immigration and Political Ideology

United States democracy faces a tough test this week.

President Donald Trump was not least criticized for attacking through the utterances of four women members of Congress from minority groups. The US House of Representatives issued a resolution condemning the president’s statements felt by racists.

At the same time, opposition Democrats still disagree on whether to fight to impeach Trump or focus their efforts to outperform Trump in next year’s presidential election. This dispute hurt the country in a fierce polemic related to race, immigration, and political ideology.

In the presence of an energetic mass in North Carolina, President Trump returned to attack four members of the Democratic faction in Congress, all of whom were women of color.

“These hard followers of left-wing ideology see your country as an evil force. They are hurting our country. “They want to destroy our Constitution, weaken your military and eliminate the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat foster this great country,” explained Trump.

The president targeted Ilhan Omar, a member of Congress from Minnesota. His attack this time invited the crowd of supporters to shout out the words: “return him.”

The appearance of the attacking Trump campaign was held when the House held a vote on the ideas of the Democratic faction about whether to initiate the impeachment process against Trump.

Earlier this week, the DPR took a step that was not often by working on a vote on a resolution condemning Trump’s verbal attacks which were considered racist against the four legislators.

All members of the Democratic faction supported the resolution, classified as civil rights icon John Lewis of Georgia. “I know racism when I see it. I know racism when I feel it. At the height of the government, there is no room for racism, “he commented.

President Trump’s victory in the 2016 election was stimulated by the strong support of all white voters from the workers’ study room.

Now not a few figures from the Democratic faction, belonging to Tom Malinowski, believe the president is struggling to mobilize support by awakening racial hatred.

“His words are not just words. The words were like gasoline, which consumed the anger of those who were disturbed by their thoughts, “Malinowski said.

Trump denied he was racist and looked at the four women members of Congress whom he attacked as socialists. He urged that the four women leave America if they felt dissatisfied.

Some members of Congress from the Republican faction complained about Trump’s verbal attacks, but not a few others, belonging to Senator John Kennedy, supported the president.

“This is not China. This is not North Korea. This is America. If we hate this country, please leave your feet whenever we want, “Kennedy explained.

Based on information from Kyle Kondik, a political analyst from the University of Virginia, Trump’s narrow victory in 2016 and his relatively low level of public support made it difficult for him to be re-elected.

“If the level of support is below 45 percent, it needs to garner significant support from those who oppose it, and this is the most difficult,” said Kyle Kondik.

The rhetorical war that took place this week could be felt like a glimpse of how fierce the presidential election campaign will be next year.

Circular Museum, “Ode” Commemorates the US Military Veterans

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Ohio, USA. Jeremy Bittermann / Dezeen.com

An architectural company in the United States, Allied Works, built a museum in downtown Columbus in honor of military veterans. The shape of the building is circular with the crossing of a broad concrete arch in the middle.

The structure is called The National Veterans Memorial, and the Museum was built on three hectares of land located along the River Scioto, Ohio, USA. The building area is 4,924 square meters, which consists of many galleries and meeting rooms.

According to Allied Works, which has offices in New York and Portland, Oregon, the design of the building is intended to unite architecture and landscape in one location.

“Our design for this museum helps interpret dreams through its shape that turns land into a monument to serve and a gathering place for fellow veterans,” said the head of the building project, Brad Cloepfil, as published by Dezeen.com on Monday (11/12/2018).

The circular building was as if it was wrapped in glass and the edges were like covered in pieces of concrete tape. The structure of the building is arranged by a kind of three circular rings and piled up in the middle to strengthen the circle shape in the museum.

Road access is also available around the ring as a connecting line to the roof of the building. When entering the building, visitors will find a lobby with a higher position on the slope of the land and offers beautiful views of the river and city. On the ground floor, there is an exhibition gallery designed by the international architecture studio Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

“Each gallery is filled with light from an electronic screen along the edge of the room that gives visitors an overview of the historical journey of veterans,” said a member of Allied Works.

He added, the exhibition displayed on the screen provided a view of the transition from a civilian to a member of the military, then re-entered life as a civilian.

Upstairs, there is a Remembrance Gallery and an open area called the Rooftop Sanctuary.

“The room was covered with a circular green roof as a place for people to be able to commemorate the services of veterans and ceremonial events for the community,” he added.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum stands on a stretch of green grass with landscape design by OLIN studio based in Philadelphia.

There is a prominent icon named Memorial Grove, which is a tree surrounded by pedestrian paths.

According to Allied Works, there are many places in the US built to commemorate historical military events, but this museum is the first national building dedicated to honoring US veterans.

Keep in mind, and this building is the dream of John Glenn, a hero, astronaut, and politician who died in 2016. Allied Works won a competition that was held in 2013 to present this unique design building.

The accusation of Developing Nuclear, US Announces Latest Iran Sanctions Round

Accusing Iran of continuing to develop nuclear power, the US has demanded that Iran is canceled against 14 people and 17 entities in Iran. A senior US government official published the Iranian argument urging “urgent technical experts and entities relating to Iran’s previous advocacy efforts.”

The US Department of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance on Friday (22/3) sentenced 14 people and 17 entities related to SPND – Iranian organizations for defense, innovation and research.

“Our maximum pressure campaign on #Iran continued with today’s sentence on targets plunged into the nuclear regime program, classified as former nuclear weapons. We succeeded in endlessly denying Iran’s skills to be included in the proliferation of weapons of WMD mass destruction and all activities that violate the law, “US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke in every tweet.

In giving sanctions to Iran, all senior US government officials repeatedly, the existence of subordinate organizations and SPND can be agreed to continue work related to missiles for Iran, regardless of the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency and US transition organizations, which Iran has.

“In action after action over the past few years, the Iranian regime has been very successful in fostering these companies, pretending as if they were from another location doing something else, but gaining profits in so many ways going back from the international financial system, “A senior government official said.

The senior government official said that it was Iran which supported “urgent technical experts and entities relating to previous Iranian weapons efforts.”

Messages sent to send a strong message to the international community and all Iranian researchers to not work with SPND.

A second senior government official said, “the continued existence of the SPND” through many reorganizations and the development of the name “overcomes the problem of Iran which continues to struggle to maintain its choice to return to old ways.”

Officials issued documents presented by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran’s work, and asked the US to use the source. Those who reported that they got what was mentioned through the documentation.

“We use information from documentation to this day,” they said. “This is a concrete example of how we use the information in the documentation as not from our intelligence tools in the present.”

However, all these government officials will not approve their agreement directly. Netanyahu, Iran, approves its nuclear work in 2018.

Instead, a senior government official told reporters that “the challenge with SPND means an organization, whose parts have been approved to use multiple beneficial people, which can easily be processed into activities as previously implemented on the program. weapon. “

US officials will not answer that they do not need to ask questions about those who are asked in the requested order to gouge themselves out of the agreement.

“That’s the highest standard,” said an official.

In January, the Director of US National Intelligence and Mantel stated that there was no indication Iran had compiled this to develop nuclear weapons, and Tehran continued its development agreement in 2015 by the Trump government.

“Although we do not believe Iran’s compilation is doing the main work that we consider necessary to produce reserves, all Iranian officials have been exposed to scare for JCPOA negotiations, and Iran cannot find the financial assistance sought from asking for it,” said Coats.

Last month, all Israeli and US leaders continued to ask for a confrontation at the Warsaw ministerial meeting with Iran about Middle East peace, and strongly condemned Europe.

US Deputy President Mike Pence made Iran the main cause of all regional instability, as he told 62 countries involved in Warsaw, and criticized Europe for demanding that he use the Iranian agreement and dismiss relations with Washington in increasing opposition to Tehran.

“Sadly, the contribution of our main partners in Europe has not been so cooperative regarding Iran, the approval of countries in the Gulf,” Pence said in a speech to ministers.

Referring to Iran’s 2009 protests, the vice president said, “The world has missed the last opportunity to fight the regime, but not this time.”

Nicole Gaouette from CNN contributed to this report.

Key portrait: US National Security Advisor John Bolton said at a summit of United Against Nuclear Iran, New York, September 25, 2018.

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