Did You Know 3 of America’s Most Hated YouTubers?

Austin Jones

In this digital era, Youtube has already being a number one platform for everyone around the world to express themselves such as talent, entertainment, education, and so on in videos. But some of famous ‘Youtuber’ we collect in this article made some huge mistakes that everyone around the world knows. here are the list.

Austin Jones: Case of Child Pornography

Austin Jones

This person is a singer who has gathered millions of views on YouTube. Videos that are produced are cover music, and often the cover is a Justin Bieber song.

He was arrested at the Chicago Airport on charges of being involved in underage child pornography, which led to him being jailed for approximately 15 years.

In his accusation, it was mentioned that Jones chats with his 14-year-old fans (10 years younger than Jones).

In the conversation, the girl said that she was a big fan of Jones. Well, this Jones asked this girl to “prove it.” Therefore the girl began to send 25 videos to Jones, including eight videos, including exposing her genitals.

Another case that was accused of Jones was almost the same. The Jones asked the girl to send their “video” as a condition to be able to meet with him (the Jones). The winner will be chosen and meet with Jones.

When Jones was arrested, he admitted that he did it for sexual pleasure.

Logan Paul: Recording the Dead Body of a Suicide Person

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is one of the most sensational vloggers on Youtube. Channel subscribers have reached tens of millions, and most of them are teenagers. Logan Paul became hated after recording and distributing videos involving dead bodies in the Japanese Aokigahara Forest known as the “Suicide Forest”.

Logan and his team decided to spend the night in the forest to get an experience like in a haunted house. But instead, they found the body of a person who committed suicide in broad daylight. Instead of turning off the camera, he continued to record the corpse. And this has become a serious problem and is getting responses and criticism after posting it on Youtube. The video was finally deleted but already watched more or less 6 million times.

Since the criticism, he stopped temporarily from YouTube and expressed its apology. Many people consider this type of video can affect many people and are very disrespectful towards the family of the victim who committed suicide.

Jake Paul: Fired by Disney, Expelled by Neighbors, and Harassment

jake paul

Jake Paul, younger brother of Logan Paul. It seems that there is indeed a moral problem in Paul’s family.

Previously he was one of the actors in the Disney show Bizaardvark. Residents in West Hollywood say that Jake Paul has made their environment like “Hell of Life.” Before Jake Paul moved there, the environment was in a safe and comfortable condition.

But after Jake Paul moved into the neighborhood, he and his team often made a fuss like riding a motorbike full of mud into a neighbor’s yard and burning furniture in an empty pond.

LAPD receives at least one report per day about him. When interviewed, he accused his neighbors of hating him. He was finally kicked out of the neighborhood because it was considered disturbing the peace and being fired from Disney.

Later a new scandal also emerged, a YouTuber Alissa Violet accused Jake Paul of harassing her during their relationship.