Circular Museum, “Ode” Commemorates the US Military Veterans

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Ohio, USA. Jeremy Bittermann /

An architectural company in the United States, Allied Works, built a museum in downtown Columbus in honor of military veterans. The shape of the building is circular with the crossing of a broad concrete arch in the middle.

The structure is called The National Veterans Memorial, and the Museum was built on three hectares of land located along the River Scioto, Ohio, USA. The building area is 4,924 square meters, which consists of many galleries and meeting rooms.

According to Allied Works, which has offices in New York and Portland, Oregon, the design of the building is intended to unite architecture and landscape in one location.

“Our design for this museum helps interpret dreams through its shape that turns land into a monument to serve and a gathering place for fellow veterans,” said the head of the building project, Brad Cloepfil, as published by on Monday (11/12/2018).

The circular building was as if it was wrapped in glass and the edges were like covered in pieces of concrete tape. The structure of the building is arranged by a kind of three circular rings and piled up in the middle to strengthen the circle shape in the museum.

Road access is also available around the ring as a connecting line to the roof of the building. When entering the building, visitors will find a lobby with a higher position on the slope of the land and offers beautiful views of the river and city. On the ground floor, there is an exhibition gallery designed by the international architecture studio Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

“Each gallery is filled with light from an electronic screen along the edge of the room that gives visitors an overview of the historical journey of veterans,” said a member of Allied Works.

He added, the exhibition displayed on the screen provided a view of the transition from a civilian to a member of the military, then re-entered life as a civilian.

Upstairs, there is a Remembrance Gallery and an open area called the Rooftop Sanctuary.

“The room was covered with a circular green roof as a place for people to be able to commemorate the services of veterans and ceremonial events for the community,” he added.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum stands on a stretch of green grass with landscape design by OLIN studio based in Philadelphia.

There is a prominent icon named Memorial Grove, which is a tree surrounded by pedestrian paths.

According to Allied Works, there are many places in the US built to commemorate historical military events, but this museum is the first national building dedicated to honoring US veterans.

Keep in mind, and this building is the dream of John Glenn, a hero, astronaut, and politician who died in 2016. Allied Works won a competition that was held in 2013 to present this unique design building.