A Promising Business Idea To Do

A Promising Business Idea To Do

Business Idea

Before starting a business, you must first find the type of product or service that is really needed by your target market. In addition, you must also ensure that you have the experience and ability to be able to develop the product or service business in a structured and detailed manner. Well, here are some promising business ideas that you can try!

Fund Investment in Financial Instruments

Being good at investing means being good at analyzing opportunities in the capital market. Not necessarily will always experience an advantage. But before making any investment or funding, make sure you understand how to invest your money in the right platform. So don’t always focus on interest and profit, okay? Here are some options and explanations regarding investment and funding.

But in addition to the types that will be mentioned, you can also invest in becoming a bettor professional where you can learn about judi online games or slots. This game can generate enormous and instant profits, the administrative process is very easy to do, some of the process are quite similar with investment like below:

  • Share

Stock is a financial investment with a high risk profile. Shares are actually a form of someone’s ownership of a company. The greater the percentage of company shares that you own, the greater the profit you can achieve.

But beforehand as an investor you need to pay attention to how much return you will receive. Not only that, the stock market is considered a funding instrument that has a high risk. So if you intend to buy shares of a company, it’s a good idea to understand well the business field that will be funded.

  • Bond

As with shares, the difference lies only in the ownership of the holder. In stocks, you get ownership rights but in bonds you don’t. Generally bonds are referred to as long-term debt issued by the government or companies to fund ongoing projects. Of course it has a maturity period. From a risk management perspective, this bond market has a moderate level of risk. So, it is safe for you to learn while investing.

  • Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are a suitable forum for those of you who are beginners in investing in the capital market. Especially those of you who do not have funds to diversify and consider small risks. In terms of time efficiency, you don’t need to hesitate and be afraid to manage it. Entrust your finances to an investment manager who manages your finances.

FnB Business

FnB business ranging from food to beverages is a business that has high opportunities from time to time. In fact, according to data presented by Media Indonesia, the food business is one of the most stable and advanced businesses during the pandemic. Of course this is due to the ability of entrepreneurs to adapt to various technological changes. Here are the businesses you should try!

  • Coffee Shop

This one business is strongly influenced by the place and quality. Usually if you choose a place that is classified as strategic and is often used as a location to hang out. So, this coffee shop that you own can bring you a profit of at least IDR 1 million per day.

The thing that must be considered when owning a coffee shop is the interior design to the diversity of the menus in the coffee shop you own. Don’t forget to make your coffee shop a comfortable place to relax or focus. Lighting and a simple interior has actually become the main key.

  • Frozen Food

With the integration of the food business industry with digital, this allows the food business to grow rapidly in terms of sales. According to Forbes, the current digital era has in fact proved to the market and society that the food business has the potential to grow rapidly with the help of digitalization.

Talking about food, one of the innovations that we can develop well is frozen food. Frozen snacks like this are easy to consume and light on the pocket. Selling frozen snacks can also generate high profits.

  • Food Truck

This food business is considered quite efficient and does not require such a large capital to have to rent a place. It’s just that the cost of building a property to sell food is not cheap. However, having a food truck can make you more efficient because it can expand the reach of existing restaurants. Well, there are several other advantages if you have a food truck, you can get high exposure to your brand in various regions.

You also don’t have to pay high rental fees if you don’t park your vehicle and have the opportunity to take part in various events. There are various recommendations for food trucks such as the Daihatsu Gran Max, Isuzu Traga and Toyota Dyna.Plants & Fruits Business

The promising business this time comes from foodstuffs where this is the main need for everyone. Processed plants and fruits can be used as a source of new business, from FnB to parcel decoration. Here are the recommendations for the promising planting and fruit business business in 2022!

  • Juices & Fruit Salad

Juice & Fruit Salad can also be a promising business to run. If you have a shop in a strategic location, the juice business can certainly bring benefits. Now to prevent the juice from rotting, you can process it into a fruit salad.

Fruit salad business can be better if you can maintain the quality of the fruits properly. For that, if you have a fruit business with a model like this, you need to pay attention to the physical, texture and smell of the fruit properly from the beginning to fill the stock of fruits.

  • Arranging flowers

Flower arrangement is currently one of the most interesting and even fun businesses to do. Arranging flowers can be a lucrative business if you provide various forms to variations of flower arrangements.

Arranging flowers is not easy, Friends of Farmers, it takes skill and good honing skills. The advantage is that if you can painstakingly manage this flower arrangement business from time to time, over time your flower business will grow stronger in reach.

Service Business

Service businesses are definitely required to have skills to qualified knowledge in their fields. Usually in this field it also takes creativity to make you different from the others. You can take advantage of personal branding to maximize acceptance of the service offerings that are open to you. Let’s look at some of the promising businesses in the service sector!

  • Children’s Daycare

The daycare business itself is not too widely spread, usually this daycare business is really needed by husband and wife who both work. According to several studies on parenting patterns suggest that children who grow and are cared for in daycare tend to have no emotional and behavioral levels.

On the other hand, children who are cared for by intermediaries other than their parents, such as older siblings or babysitters, tend to have behavioral problems. So, with this daycare, of course, it becomes a potential thing for you to develop.

  • Pet Kit

The cost of animal grooming for each customer can spend Rp. 55 thousand to beautify their pets. While the cost of pet food usually varies from Rp. 20 thousand to Rp. 200 thousand more. During COVID-19 the increase in pet adoption increased by up to 250%.

So, the opportunity to open this Pet Kit in any place is a distinct advantage for those who open it. Make sure to choose a place that is strategic enough and passed by a lot of people. You can also open it online.

  • Online Reseller

The first business idea is as an online reseller. This type of business is usually carried out in the fashion or clothing industry so it is suitable to do if you have a high interest and interest in the fashion industry. Starting a business as an online reseller is not too difficult, but you need dedication and a lot of time.

Most people start this one business as a side business outside the main business that has been run. Currently, there are so many websites or services that make it easier for you to start selling as an online reseller.

Property & Building Materials Business

Providing various accessories for property and building materials can also be a reliable business. Such equipment is of course a necessity for every household which is always in nature at any time with urgent circumstances. So selling needs like this is unavoidable. Here are some businesses that you can set up:

  • Boarding House

From time to time this boarding house business has always been a definite source of passive income. In addition to land prices which increase every year, the process of urbanization is also increasing.

For that, having 1 plot of boarding house can be an advantage for you, especially if you have it in a strategic location. So while young, why not have an investment in the form of boarding houses? Start first from strategic locations near construction, construction or college.

  • 24 Hours Gym Station

The gym and sports businesses in urban areas are currently increasing due to the proliferation of healthy living habits. Opening this business at the beginning does require a lot of costs that are not small, ranging from IDR 1-2 billion. However, the turnover of this gym business every month can reach Rp. 300-400 million/month.

You can use a GYM franchise, or if you want to start personally, you can choose a place like a shophouse so it doesn’t cost too much. At least it can maximize the time, place and promotion strategy.

  • Real Estate

The next promising business idea is the real estate business. This business is perfect for those of you who have a high interest in the property world. As a real estate agent, later you will have the task of helping many people to be able to find their dream home which of course fits their budget.

In some countries, real estate agents are required to have a special certification before they can start their career to become an agent. This business idea is really worth trying as a side business for those of you who like to hang out, interact, and have good social skills.