5 Hollywood Facts You May Not Know

Bruce Lee in Holywood

We all know that Hollywood is famous for its big hits movies all the time. but do you know that there are some facts that you may not think of? Here are some facts that might surprise you.

1. Many of The Archives Are Missing

Movie Theater

The world of film in the United States is one of the world’s films that has a long history and complete archiving. History proves that Americans started their film production in 1912.

With the popularity and also the long history of film, of course, the United States film body archives all films that have been produced by filmmakers.

But did you know that in fact, almost 90 percent of films produced under 1929 lost their files? The film agency did not have copies of the movie in question.

That means all the works of filmmakers under 1929 seemed to disappear in the air. American society will not be able to enjoy these old films.

2. There Is a Mafia Interfering

The Godfather Movie

Have you ever watched THE GODFATHER movie? Almost everyone who watched it certainly struck amazed by the story and also the special technical cultivation in his days.

No wonder if THE GODFATHER (1972) became the best Oscar film. Director Francis Ford Copolla in-depth and detail brings mafia life to the big screen.

Amazingly, in this film with a thick mafia character and life, none of the mafia words spoken or included in the film. Does the director want this film to be like that?

Apparently not. The reason why no word mafia is spoken in the film is that the real mafia asked Copolla to work on it like that. Awful huh.

3. Super Big Profit

paranormal activity

Any big studio filmmaker must be jealous of the success of Oren Peli. Why not? Because at a very low cost, this supernatural film can be in high demand.

From the manufacturing cost of the only USD 15 thousand, Oren Peli and Blumhouse Productions were able to reap a profit of USD 193 million. Ten thousand times the cost of production.

Even if judging from the manufacturing technique, this film only uses a simple camera and also some actors and acrylics. But with the use of the mockumentary method, this film seems to present a true story of the terror of ghosts in the house.

Not surprisingly, this film finally became a phenomenon in many countries. The more the audience was scared, Oren Peli happier.

4. The Secret of Bruce Lee

Name one of the world action actors you know! Undoubtedly one of them is Bruce Lee. The Chinese-born actor, November 27, 1940, has a myriad of actions in his films that amaze you.

Wait a minute… if we reveal this fact you will undoubtedly be more impressed with him. With the speed of movement on the big screen, it turns out it’s already the slower version you know.

The filmmakers who worked with Bruce did deliberately arrange for Bruce’s action scenes in the film version to look slower than what was demonstrated. If not, then Bruce’s movements on the big screen will look very fast and will ultimately not be enjoyed by the audience.

5. Unbelievable Production Funds

titanic movie set up

TITANIC (1997) claimed by James Cameron to win big in the Oscars by winning 11 trophies, including the Best Film. Not only that, in terms of ticket sales, this film also earned a lot of dollars. One of the reasons is the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio is the star.

The film with the most expensive property was made at the cost of USD 200 million. All of that for the sake of getting a set that approaches the original Titanic ship. If you’ve watched the film, you will know how the TITANIC ship in the movie is really similar and magnificent.

With such a setting, it’s no wonder that the filmmaking funds themselves are more expensive than the Titanic shipbuilding funds in the era. Salute to James Cameron.