8 California Favorite Foods Tourist Travelers

California is one country that is currently in the United States, especially on the west coast. This country is also one of the states with the most citizens in the United States. Besides being unique because of many tourist attractions in California, many California foods are interesting to try. Here are some types of food that can be tasted.

Fish Tacos

Ish tacos are one type of food that must be cultivated when going to California. This one food is identical to Mexico than California.

Yes, it’s true, this food comes from Mexico which then goes to California. However, because California is in Pacific waters, tacos food feels a change, that is, with a fish pedestal.
Fish tacos indicate a distinctive taste from coastal areas of the United States. And in California, it’s not difficult to pursue this food.


Just like fish tacos, burritos are one type of Mexican food that is familiar in California. We can also look for this food as a typical snack that is easy to find.

Burrito is created with tortillas whose inner elements are filled with many kinds of fillings — starting from meat, vegetables, and other filling ingredients while there are also more complex types of burritos.
The burrito can contain rice, kidney beans, vegetables, and cheese. The burrito is wrapped in heated tortilla skin. The origin of the word burrito itself is from Spanish which means little donkey. This food is indeed similar to a donkey’s ear.


The next typical California food is pho. This one food is not from Mexico, but the taste of Vietnam. This is because the population of Vietnam in California is quite high.

Pho is a Vietnamese-American processed food that is becoming popular. You can try it. This food was created from famous noodle soup in recent years in America, especially California.
This noodle soup is made from meat or chicken which is then changed with basil, lime, and so on to make the flavor more complex.


Sushiritto is a food made from processed sushi and even a burrito. This food is unique and can be among the most searched by tourists in California.

By combining Asian and Mexican specialties, Sushiritto is unique and delicious. This food is rolled like sushi, but it contains elements of eating like a burrito.

This processed food is given a distinctive coastal flavor in the presence of seaweed which is among the elements of sushi packaging — the best place to eat this hybrid dish in San Francisco. If you are near tourist attractions in San Francisco, you can look for this food.

Avocado Toast

California is one of the countries that are familiar with avocados, aka avocado. So that avocado-processed foods are also a pretty favorite in this country. One that must be tried is avocado toast.

This food is converted from avocado and mixed with toast. This food can be found quite easily, especially during breakfast times. Along the coast, there are also many places that sell it.
Beside with bread, avocado toast is also changed with other food ingredients, like eggs, meat, and is equipped with spices such as salt and pepper.

In-N-Out Burger

The next California food is the In-N-Out burger. Like burgers in general, the In-N-Out burger is also among fast-food aka fast food that can be found there.

This food is also served with french fries. Also with pickles and even special sauces that make the taste unique. This one food was launched in Los Angeles, in 1948.

Currently, the In-N-Out burger is among the favorite foods that are loved. The menu offered also varies, ranging from cheeseburgers, hamburgers, double-double, and so on.

Ramen Burger

Again there are Asian and American processed menus that are popular in California. This food also serves Japanese specialties with western food. Born an attractive and anti-stream burger ramen.

This food is like a burger in general. However, burger bread is made from Japanese-style ramen. In addition to that, burger meat is also changed from the most Asian shoyu sauce.

You can get these burger ramen in many cities in California. One of the famous ones in Los Angeles. There are marketed ramen burgers with not a few flavors. If you happen to be in a tourist spot in Los Angeles, try this burger ramen.

Carne Asada Fries

If we’re in San Diego, then this food is one of the best and recommended. Very suitable to accompany tourist and surfing work near Attractions in San Diego.
arne asada fries are foods that are changed from french fries. These fried potatoes are then handed over with sour cream and cheese. Similar to nachos, but rather to processed, fried potatoes.

These foods are not few found in America, especially San Diego. This menu is a processed Mexican menu that is modified with a somewhat different technique. In Mexico alone, the original food has been around since the 1990s.