$ 1 Billion ‘Mega Millions’ Lottery Winner Number Announced

The wait for millions of people who purchase Mega Millions jackpot lottery tickets, which now reach one billion dollars, is completed when the winning numbers are notified Friday night (10/19), namely 65-53-23-15-70. It is unclear who has won the number because it is often only known Saturday or Sunday. But if there are no winners, the lottery will continue to roll until the next draw is Tuesday (10/23), with an even higher value. The value of the lottery announced this Friday is the second largest ever in American history. The first is the value of the 2016 Powerball lottery which reached 1.59 billion dollars.

People who dream of quitting their activities or contributing to charity, these last few days have been lining up at retail stores that market the Mega Millions lottery with a value of more than one billion dollars, even though the chances of winning are the smallest. The opportunity to win the Mega Millions is 1 in 303,000,000. People who successfully win the lucky number six jackpot lottery can claim the lottery money in two ways, namely receiving regular payments of around 30 years, or receiving one payment at a time. The amount to be received will be subject to federal tax, elemental state taxes, and local taxes which can reach tens of millions of dollars.

If the lottery owners do not win the Mega Millions, they can pursue other delusions by participating in the Powerball lottery, which will be drawn on Saturday (20/10) with a prize of 430 million dollars. The two lottery draws were held in 44 American states, Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.

Lottery Winners in the US are Rewarded for a High Prize

Men in the United States who have not been identified have won a lottery worth USD 1,537 billion or Rp.2.2 trillion in the Mega Millions lottery. Chances are the lottery winner will not be identified. As quoted by ABC, Thursday (10/25/2018), the executor of Mega Millions said, winning tickets were bought in South Carolina with six figures published in the draw on Tuesday (October 23, 2018).

The five numbers are 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and Mega Ball 5. The lottery prize is the biggest prize in the world, but the Mega Millions website says, this number is not much lower than the Powerball prize in 2016 which amounts to USD 1,589 billion. There are no details about where the winning ticket was sold in South Carolina.

In the United States, North Carolina is one of eight countries together with Kansas, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Georgia, North Dakota, and Ohio for lottery-winning personalities not revealed. Mega Millions is marketed in 44 countries in the US and Washington, DC, and the Virgin Islands. The winner of this lottery may be called the luckiest because the number could be the winner is one in 301.5 million. The winner who can guess six points correctly will get one-time direct cash of US $ 878 million or receive the US $ 1.53 billion in 29 years.

Lottery is one of the United States most favorite gambling game. Other than Lottery, Poker is also popular, with bingo and casino alongside. Poker divides into a lot of games, like Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven-card Stud, Five Card Draw, Super 10 and many others. Every Sites is a newcomer Poker Game Platform and starting to grow bigger in the States.

It is estimated that it takes many days or even weeks before the winner is to report. The lottery organizer said the winner might need to spend time thinking about plans for how to use the hundreds of millions of dollars they won. The different thing that needs attention is security for someone who becomes suddenly rich. Depending on which country in the United States, lottery winners have 180 days to a year to collect prizes. This Mega Millions jackpot has significantly increased because there hasn’t been anyone who can guess six numbers in the past three months and find the grand prize. The previous winner was July 24, where 11 workers from California won USD 543 million.