10 Most Wealthy Billionaires from Casino Business

The casino business has transformed bookies into a billionaire with abundant wealth.

Reported by Forbes, there are at least 25 casino business owners who have a fortune of at least 1 billion United States dollars (US). Their total wealth was estimated at 134.3 billion US dollars.

Macau City

Here are 10 of the most wealthy billionaires who gained wealth through the casino business:

1. Sheldon Adelson

Wealth: 38.5 billion US dollars
Business: Las Vegas casino, Macau, Marina Bay (Sands Casino)
Origin: US
Position in the world: 21

2. Lui Che Woo

Wealth: 20.1 billion US dollars
Business: casino (Galaxy Entertainment) and property
Origin: Hong Kong
Position in the world: 50

3. Johann Graff

Wealth: 8.1 billion US dollars
Business: casino (Novomatic Group)
Origin: Austria
Position in the world: # 186

4. Pansy Ho

Wealth: 5.3 billion US dollars
Business: casino (Shun Tak Holdings)
Origin: Hong Kong
Position in the world: 365

5. Denise Coates

Wealth: 5 billion US dollars
Business: online gambling
Origin: US
Position in the world: 388

6. Mark Scheinberg

Wealth: 4.8 billion US dollars
Business: online gambling (PokerStars)
Origin: Canada
Position in the world: # 422

7. Lim Kok Thay

Wealth: 4.7 billion US dollars
Business: casino (Genting Group)
Origin: Malaysia
Position in the world: 441

8. Paul Gauselmann

Wealth: 4.4 billion dollars
Business: casino tool manufacturer (Gauselmann)
Origin: Germany
Position in the world: # 480

9. James Packer

Wealth: 4.1 billion US dollars
Business: casino (CrownBet)
Origin: Australia
Position in the world: 527

10. Angela Leong

Wealth: 3.7 billion US dollars
Business: casino (SJM Holdings)
Origin: Hong Kong
Position in the world: # 606


Here are the most wealthy billionaires who gain their success and wealth from the Casino business.

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US Citizens is About to ‘Storm Area 51’ To See Aliens

The discourse to invade Area 51 located in the United States is becoming viral on the internet. Through the event titled Storm Area 51, The Can’t Stop All of Us, citizens are invited to jointly attack Area 51 and see hidden aliens.

Although the event itself was finally called just a joke, this had made the United States government worried and stated that they were ready to dispel any threats. A viral invitation on Facebook for netizens to jointly invade Area 51 in Nevada, United States, initially it was just a joke. But there are indications that something really serious will come on a predetermined date to find aliens. They even joke about for inviting the aliens to join them to play situs slot online terbaik casino game, an online platform that everybody can join for slot game.storm area51

Millions of people have expressed interest in coming to Area 51 in the event titled ‘Storm Area 51’. Mostly just joking but after around Area 51 visited by the media, it turns out there are inns that are full booked.

“Sounds like the event was just a joke, but it seems that there are some people who want to check it out,” said Connie West, owner of the Little A’Le’Inn inn which is closest to Area 51. For those who don’t know, Area 51 is a military base owned by the United States Air Force which is said to be a place for secret activities and research.

In fact, there are also many conspiracy theories that claim that Area 51 hides alien bodies and UFOs. However, what are the facts behind Area 51? Reporting from the Buzzfeed page, here are 5 facts about Area 51.

1. There are no fences around Area 51

Even though it is forbidden to the public, Area 51 is apparently not given any fence. Instead, there is only an orange pole marking the border, also a sign that says that the public cannot cross the area.

Although not fenced, anyone who dares to violate must be prepared to face the consequences because the guards of Area 51 are allowed to use weapons for the safety of the place.

2. Area 51 employees have their own terminal and aircraft

To enter this area, employees in Area 51 must board a plane via a special terminal called Coast Gold at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas. In addition to passing a special terminal, they will also use a plane named Janet which has absolutely no logo and only one red line.

3. Have various other names

The name Area 51 does make this place seem more mysterious and is suitable as a backdrop for various conspiracy theories. However, besides Area 51, this place was once named Paradise Ranch, Watertown, and even Dreamland.

4. There are Area 51 workers who have revealed their secrets there

About 30 years ago, a man named Lazar Bob confessed to local media that he had worked at a “secret facility” near Area 51. At that time, Bob Lazar admitted if they conducted alien technology tests and also spacecraft or UFOs.

5. Area 51 is also mentioned in the conspiracy theories of the moon

In addition to the conspiracy about aliens, there is also a conspiracy theory about the landing of a busy moon circulating on the internet since years ago. One of the theories turned out to mention that the moon landing was only an invention and the recording process was carried out in Area 51. Even so, this conspiracy theory certainly cannot be confirmed.

5 Hollywood Facts You May Not Know

We all know that Hollywood is famous for its big hits movies all the time. but do you know that there are some facts that you may not think of? Here are some facts that might surprise you.

1. Many of The Archives Are Missing

Movie Theater

The world of film in the United States is one of the world’s films that has a long history and complete archiving. History proves that Americans started their film production in 1912.

With the popularity and also the long history of film, of course, the United States film body archives all films that have been produced by filmmakers.

But did you know that in fact, almost 90 percent of films produced under 1929 lost their files? The film agency did not have copies of the movie in question.

That means all the works of filmmakers under 1929 seemed to disappear in the air. American society will not be able to enjoy these old films.

2. There Is a Mafia Interfering

The Godfather Movie

Have you ever watched THE GODFATHER movie? Almost everyone who watched it certainly struck amazed by the story and also the special technical cultivation in his days.

No wonder if THE GODFATHER (1972) became the best Oscar film. Director Francis Ford Copolla in-depth and detail brings mafia life to the big screen.

Amazingly, in this film with a thick mafia character and life, none of the mafia words spoken or included in the film. Does the director want this film to be like that?

Apparently not. The reason why no word mafia is spoken in the film is that the real mafia asked Copolla to work on it like that. Awful huh.

3. Super Big Profit

paranormal activity

Any big studio filmmaker must be jealous of the success of Oren Peli. Why not? Because at a very low cost, this supernatural film can be in high demand.

From the manufacturing cost of the only USD 15 thousand, Oren Peli and Blumhouse Productions were able to reap a profit of USD 193 million. Ten thousand times the cost of production.

Even if judging from the manufacturing technique, this film only uses a simple camera and also some actors and acrylics. But with the use of the mockumentary method, this film seems to present a true story of the terror of ghosts in the house.

Not surprisingly, this film finally became a phenomenon in many countries. The more the audience was scared, Oren Peli happier.

4. The Secret of Bruce Lee

Name one of the world action actors you know! Undoubtedly one of them is Bruce Lee. The Chinese-born actor, November 27, 1940, has a myriad of actions in his films that amaze you.

Wait a minute… if we reveal this fact you will undoubtedly be more impressed with him. With the speed of movement on the big screen, it turns out it’s already the slower version you know.

The filmmakers who worked with Bruce did deliberately arrange for Bruce’s action scenes in the film version to look slower than what was demonstrated. If not, then Bruce’s movements on the big screen will look very fast and will ultimately not be enjoyed by the audience.

5. Unbelievable Production Funds

titanic movie set up

TITANIC (1997) claimed by James Cameron to win big in the Oscars by winning 11 trophies, including the Best Film. Not only that, in terms of ticket sales, this film also earned a lot of dollars. One of the reasons is the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio is the star.

The film with the most expensive property was made at the cost of USD 200 million. All of that for the sake of getting a set that approaches the original Titanic ship. If you’ve watched the film, you will know how the TITANIC ship in the movie is really similar and magnificent.

With such a setting, it’s no wonder that the filmmaking funds themselves are more expensive than the Titanic shipbuilding funds in the era. Salute to James Cameron.

Trump Vs Nancy Pelosi, Rejected Handshakes To Shredding Speech Paper

President of the United States, Donald Trump, and Chair of the House of Representatives (American House of Representatives), Nancy Pelosi, is known to have poor political relations. Pelosi was a figure who led Trump’s impeachment or impeachment process at the House of Representation. This bad relationship reappeared before the public, Tuesday (02/04/2020) local time while attending the annual State of the Union speeches, on Capitol Hill, Washington. The drama starts from the beginning until the congress ends. So, what kind of drama happened between the two?

Short Welcome

Upon entering the room, Trump received a standing ovation from the audience who applauded while shouting, “Four more years!” At that time, Pelosi was the one who gave a speech on the presence of the number one person in the United States. In general, the remarks for the President contained sentences full of pride. But not with what was said by Pelosi. She only welcomed Trump’s presence in very short sentences. “Congress participant, President of the United States,” she said. In his greeting, Pelosi did not even mention the name of Donald Trump.

Refuse To Shake Hands

After the welcoming incident, Trump gave a folder containing a copy of the speech he would present to Vice President Mike Pence and Pelosi, who sat behind his podium. When Pelosi received the folder, the 79-year-old Democratic politician then extended her hand while smiling to invite Trump to shake hands. But the invitation was ignored by the President, either because Trump had already reversed direction so he did not see it, or indeed he who deliberately did not welcome the helping hand of Pelosi. As a result, Pelosi laughed while raising her eyebrows and shoulders as a form of spontaneous reaction.

Then, Trump also delivered his speech for 1 hour, 18 minutes. One of the points delivered by Trump is about the condition of the unity of the United States, which is considered to be going better than before. During the speech, Trump did not discuss anything related to the scandal that dragged his name until he had to accept the impeachment process. Instead, Trump focuses on delivering the government’s achievements, policy objectives, and America’s eternal passion. Listening to Trump’s statements, Pelosi was seen shaking her head as a sign of disagreement with the points conveyed. On one occasion, he also expressed his intention to stop the war with the Middle East Country, Iran.

Tear Up a Copy of The State Speech Paper

Then, shortly after Trump ended his speech, Pelosi blatantly tore up a paper copy of the state address that was previously given to him. She divided the pieces of speech paper so that it wasn’t too thick and then tore it into two parts. She did that right behind Trump so that it was clearly recorded by a camera focusing on the President. When asked why she tore up the speech paper, she answered curtly. “That’s the politest thing that can be done, rather than doing other alternatives,” Pelosi said. At the same time, Pence, the Vice President, stood up and led the congress participants to applaud Trump. This meeting was the first for both after Pelosi left the White House at a conference four months ago.

Why The President of The United States of America Hate Huawei?

Talking about a smartphone not only has to review from the innards, but there are interesting things beyond that. We all know the Chinese market in producing smartphones deserves thumbs up. They have now proven to the world that the best technology can be mass-produced at low prices for the needs of the community.

China Vs America

Until finally, the Chinese government supported Huawei with its high sense of nationalism, Trump’s embargo on Huawei due to the trade war that was carried out indeed came in a barrage, so has Huawei lost the battle?

The answer is no, Huawei still stands firmly in its own home smartphone sales in China seen Huawei also become number one, even growth in the world market increased bypassing Apple, although still under Samsung. It looks like Trump’s tactics didn’t work perfectly. Huawei still continues to provide the best service for its consumers.

donald trump bans huawei

Why does Trump hate Huawei so much? Actually, it is not the brand he hates, but the technology developed by China makes Trump afraid. At this time, data processing and high technology that can silence the world is still in the hands of US companies. But the visionary views of the Chinese government made the US begin to think that the progress of implementing technology in China must be blocked.

huawei and its 5g technology

The world is beginning to see the development of the bamboo curtain country that can make it difficult for them in the future. 5G technology in China becomes the initial foundation that must be blocked. But instead of China subject to their nationalism disturbed, Huawei also dominates the cellphones that are widely bought in China even when in all brands on the sluggish growth of Huawei rose rapidly. The Chinese people seem to want to tell that their largest population in the world is an essential consumer of the global world. Imagine that within a minute, Mate 30 5G sold 100,000 units.

Donald Trump and Huawei

Like it or not, this enthusiasm made the optimism that arose again among entrepreneurs until ARM, who came from the UK, began giving back and supporting Huawei. Indeed, this is just the beginning of the steps China is trying to fight, thanks to trade competition with America, showing the actual quality of China and the US as a superpower now knows that in the future, Chinese products, if not dammed, will dominate the world.

Donald Trump and Huawei

If that happens, America is going to lose the glory of civilization that they are proud of. Maybe America is just a story like the story of the ancient Indian tribe or the tale of Roman culture that we know from history books.

Get To Know: Michelle Obama, The 44th Former United States First Lady

Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” recently set the record for the best-selling book in the world, with 3.4 million copies sold last year. Although she is no longer in the White House, she continues to be a role model for some US people and even people around the world.

Michelle initially worked in the law when she met and married Barack Obama, who worked in the same neighborhood.

Early Life

early life of michelle obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, to the couple Marian and Fraser Robinson. She grew up in a middle-class family.

Grew up in a small bungalow on South Side, Chicago. Her father works as a city pump operator. Her mother worked as a secretary at Spiegel, who then chose to raise Michelle and her older brother, Craig.

They are a close and close family, always sharing food, reading, and playing together. Craig and Michelle, who are 21 months adrift, are often mistaken for twins.

The condition of his small house made the two brothers have to sleep in the living room with a blanket as an insulator. Although they come from modest families, they grew up with a strong education and learned to read at home at the age of four. Both of them even got acceleration when attending school.

Michelle was then chosen for the French language and advanced biology class program, Michelle became a student council and a member of the National Honor Society. She graduated as the best graduate in his school in 1981, before continuing to study at Princeton University, following in her brother’s footsteps. The young woman majored in sociology to explore the relationship between black alumni and their community in their thesis.

Once again, Michelle demonstrated her intelligence by graduating as a cum laude in 1985. After graduating, she took the Harvard Law School class and obtained the Juris Doctor (JD) degree in 1988. There, she worked for the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau to help low-income clients.

Date Invitation

Michelle works at Chicago law firm Sidley Austin in marketing and intellectual property.

It was there that she met her future husband, Barack Obama, in 1989. Obama was a summer intern, and Michelle was assigned as his advisor.

Initially, she refused Obama’s invitation to date. She was sure if the relationship was not appropriate in the work environment. However, Michelle finally relented, and the couple immediately fell in love.

Obama and Michelle

After two years of dating, Obama proposed the idol’s heart. The two people who loved each other were then married at Trinity United Church of Christ on October 3, 1992. Both were blessed with two daughters, Malia and Sasha, who were born in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Family photo

From 1992-1993, Michelle was an assistant commissioner for the Chicago Department of Planning and Development. Then, she founded the Chicago branch of Public Allies, a leadership training program for young people. She served as a branch executive director until 1996.

Later, she joined the University of Chicago as a dean of student services. Starting in 2002, she worked as executive director of public relations and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospital. In 2005, she was appointed vice president of the field.

First Lady and Fashion Tastes

Michelle Obama first drew the attention of the national audience when she was by Obama’s side when delivering an important speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

Obama was elected as US Senator from Illinois in November of that year. In 2007, Michelle reduced her work to fulfill family obligations and campaigns during Obama’s nomination as a Democratic presidential candidate.

Barack Obama finally won the election and was elected as the 44th US President and was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. I

In 2010, she launched the “Let’s Move” program, which focuses on child obesity and providing healthy food in schools. Children are also encouraged to be physically active.

In 2011, Michelle founded Joining Forces, a program to raise awareness about the difficulties experienced by military families. Accompanying Obama winning for a second term, she formed Reach Higher to inspire young people to explore opportunities for higher education and career development.

Vogue Magazine

As a First Lady, her fashion is also not unnoticed. She is known as a fashion icon and trendsetter in the world. She even appeared as a magazine cover, and her photo was included in the March 2009 edition of Vogue.

The Most Admired Woman

In the 2016 US elections, Michelle fully supported Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton. Her speech at the party’s national convention won widespread praise. She is famous for the quote, “When they go low, we go high,” to invite everyone to respect each other.

Her Novel

After her husband’s term ended in 2017, Michelle was rarely seen in public. But last year, she released an autobiography titled “Becoming.” She also ended the dominance of Hillary Clinton for 17 years as the most admired US woman by the Gallup version.

Did You Know 3 of America’s Most Hated YouTubers?

In this digital era, Youtube has already being a number one platform for everyone around the world to express themselves such as talent, entertainment, education, and so on in videos. But some of famous ‘Youtuber’ we collect in this article made some huge mistakes that everyone around the world knows. here are the list.

Austin Jones: Case of Child Pornography

Austin Jones

This person is a singer who has gathered millions of views on YouTube. Videos that are produced are cover music, and often the cover is a Justin Bieber song.

He was arrested at the Chicago Airport on charges of being involved in underage child pornography, which led to him being jailed for approximately 15 years.

In his accusation, it was mentioned that Jones chats with his 14-year-old fans (10 years younger than Jones).

In the conversation, the girl said that she was a big fan of Jones. Well, this Jones asked this girl to “prove it.” Therefore the girl began to send 25 videos to Jones, including eight videos, including exposing her genitals.

Another case that was accused of Jones was almost the same. The Jones asked the girl to send their “video” as a condition to be able to meet with him (the Jones). The winner will be chosen and meet with Jones.

When Jones was arrested, he admitted that he did it for sexual pleasure.

Logan Paul: Recording the Dead Body of a Suicide Person

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is one of the most sensational vloggers on Youtube. Channel subscribers have reached tens of millions, and most of them are teenagers. Logan Paul became hated after recording and distributing videos involving dead bodies in the Japanese Aokigahara Forest known as the “Suicide Forest”.

Logan and his team decided to spend the night in the forest to get an experience like in a haunted house. But instead, they found the body of a person who committed suicide in broad daylight. Instead of turning off the camera, he continued to record the corpse. And this has become a serious problem and is getting responses and criticism after posting it on Youtube. The video was finally deleted but already watched more or less 6 million times.

Since the criticism, he stopped temporarily from YouTube and expressed its apology. Many people consider this type of video can affect many people and are very disrespectful towards the family of the victim who committed suicide.

Jake Paul: Fired by Disney, Expelled by Neighbors, and Harassment

jake paul

Jake Paul, younger brother of Logan Paul. It seems that there is indeed a moral problem in Paul’s family.

Previously he was one of the actors in the Disney show Bizaardvark. Residents in West Hollywood say that Jake Paul has made their environment like “Hell of Life.” Before Jake Paul moved there, the environment was in a safe and comfortable condition.

But after Jake Paul moved into the neighborhood, he and his team often made a fuss like riding a motorbike full of mud into a neighbor’s yard and burning furniture in an empty pond.

LAPD receives at least one report per day about him. When interviewed, he accused his neighbors of hating him. He was finally kicked out of the neighborhood because it was considered disturbing the peace and being fired from Disney.

Later a new scandal also emerged, a YouTuber Alissa Violet accused Jake Paul of harassing her during their relationship.

$ 1 Billion ‘Mega Millions’ Lottery Winner Number Announced

The wait for millions of people who purchase Mega Millions jackpot lottery tickets, which now reach one billion dollars, is completed when the winning numbers are notified Friday night (10/19), namely 65-53-23-15-70. It is unclear who has won the number because it is often only known Saturday or Sunday. But if there are no winners, the lottery will continue to roll until the next draw is Tuesday (10/23), with an even higher value. The value of the lottery announced this Friday is the second largest ever in American history. The first is the value of the 2016 Powerball lottery which reached 1.59 billion dollars.

People who dream of quitting their activities or contributing to charity, these last few days have been lining up at retail stores that market the Mega Millions lottery with a value of more than one billion dollars, even though the chances of winning are the smallest. The opportunity to win the Mega Millions is 1 in 303,000,000. People who successfully win the lucky number six jackpot lottery can claim the lottery money in two ways, namely receiving regular payments of around 30 years, or receiving one payment at a time. The amount to be received will be subject to federal tax, elemental state taxes, and local taxes which can reach tens of millions of dollars.

If the lottery owners do not win the Mega Millions, they can pursue other delusions by participating in the Powerball lottery, which will be drawn on Saturday (20/10) with a prize of 430 million dollars. The two lottery draws were held in 44 American states, Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.

Lottery Winners in the US are Rewarded for a High Prize

Men in the United States who have not been identified have won a lottery worth USD 1,537 billion or Rp.2.2 trillion in the Mega Millions lottery. Chances are the lottery winner will not be identified. As quoted by ABC, Thursday (10/25/2018), the executor of Mega Millions said, winning tickets were bought in South Carolina with six figures published in the draw on Tuesday (October 23, 2018).

The five numbers are 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and Mega Ball 5. The lottery prize is the biggest prize in the world, but the Mega Millions website says, this number is not much lower than the Powerball prize in 2016 which amounts to USD 1,589 billion. There are no details about where the winning ticket was sold in South Carolina.

In the United States, North Carolina is one of eight countries together with Kansas, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Georgia, North Dakota, and Ohio for lottery-winning personalities not revealed. Mega Millions is marketed in 44 countries in the US and Washington, DC, and the Virgin Islands. The winner of this lottery may be called the luckiest because the number could be the winner is one in 301.5 million. The winner who can guess six points correctly will get one-time direct cash of US $ 878 million or receive the US $ 1.53 billion in 29 years.

Lottery is one of the United States most favorite gambling game. Other than Lottery, Poker is also popular, with bingo and casino alongside. Poker divides into a lot of games, like Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven-card Stud, Five Card Draw, Super 10 and many others. Every Sites is a newcomer Poker Game Platform and starting to grow bigger in the States.

It is estimated that it takes many days or even weeks before the winner is to report. The lottery organizer said the winner might need to spend time thinking about plans for how to use the hundreds of millions of dollars they won. The different thing that needs attention is security for someone who becomes suddenly rich. Depending on which country in the United States, lottery winners have 180 days to a year to collect prizes. This Mega Millions jackpot has significantly increased because there hasn’t been anyone who can guess six numbers in the past three months and find the grand prize. The previous winner was July 24, where 11 workers from California won USD 543 million.

Donald Trump Intensifies Racial Attacks for Politics

President of the United States (US) Donald Trump added to his attack on four non-white members of the House of Representative for women.

This shows the attack was the key to his strategy to win the 2020 presidential election.

Even though the Democrats criticized his comments on four members of Congress from a minority group as racist confessions, Trump continued to attack them. He wrote that they were allowed to leave the US if they did not like his policies on immigration issues and defend Israel.

“So all the members of Congress, their comments helped fuel the rise of a risky and militant left-wing,” Trump said in front of supporters in North Carolina, an elemental state that was the key to his victory in the US presidential election next Thursday.

In the past week Trump’s comments on four members of Congress, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, now known as ‘the squad’ on Twitter, have angered the Democratic Party. He wrote four minority women to return to their home countries.
The four liberal-progressive wing women of the Democratic Party are US citizens. Three of them have sprung up in the United States.

One source close to Trump wrote the attack to create Democrats as if they had left. Before the upcoming November 2020 presidential election, Trump struggled to push voters to his side.

“As we get closer to the cycle of 2020 he strives to create them into the face of the Democrats, and he strives to push them into a collection of fringes to the extent that they might turn off their middle road voters,” said the source.

Trump tells of the future of Omar, who have sprung up in Somalia and immigrated to the United States since childhood. His supporters shouted, ‘Send him back.’

“Tonight I have a suggestion for hate-filled extremists who constantly strive to destroy our country, they never write good things, so that’s why I say ‘Hey if you don’t like it, let them go, let them go,” Trump said.

From his 90-minute speech, Trump drained a fifth of it to criticize the four members of Congress. His supporters responded enthusiastically.

Former vice president Joe Biden who advanced as a candidate for the 2020 presidential candidate defied Trump’s statement. “Members of this Congress, immigrant children, like not a few of us, are examples of what created America great,” Biden said on Twitter.

In the introduction of his North Carolina speech, Trump denounced Biden and other Democratic Party candidates. He repeatedly mentioned Senator Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas,’ using Warren’s controversy which had written him a descendant of Native American tribes.

Trump’s attack on Twitter had upset his advisors. They saw it was the most outrageous.

But two of his advisors wrote since that Trump offered the opposite view. He created a political view of the four members of the women’s Congress, which were socialist, out of public opinion, and full of hatred.

“If the American people have to choose between the squad and the president, then that will be an easy decision,” said his advisor.

Trump’s Statement Triggers Debate on Race, Immigration and Political Ideology

United States democracy faces a tough test this week.

President Donald Trump was not least criticized for attacking through the utterances of four women members of Congress from minority groups. The US House of Representatives issued a resolution condemning the president’s statements felt by racists.

At the same time, opposition Democrats still disagree on whether to fight to impeach Trump or focus their efforts to outperform Trump in next year’s presidential election. This dispute hurt the country in a fierce polemic related to race, immigration, and political ideology.

In the presence of an energetic mass in North Carolina, President Trump returned to attack four members of the Democratic faction in Congress, all of whom were women of color.

“These hard followers of left-wing ideology see your country as an evil force. They are hurting our country. “They want to destroy our Constitution, weaken your military and eliminate the values ​​that foster this great country,” explained Trump.

The president targeted Ilhan Omar, a member of Congress from Minnesota. His attack this time invited the crowd of supporters to shout out the words: “return him.”

The appearance of the attacking Trump campaign was held when the House held a vote on the ideas of the Democratic faction about whether to initiate the impeachment process against Trump.

Earlier this week, the DPR took a step that was not often by working on a vote on a resolution condemning Trump’s verbal attacks which were considered racist against the four legislators.

All members of the Democratic faction supported the resolution, classified as civil rights icon John Lewis of Georgia. “I know racism when I see it. I know racism when I feel it. At the height of the government, there is no room for racism, “he commented.

President Trump’s victory in the 2016 election was stimulated by the strong support of all white voters from the workers’ study room.

Now not a few figures from the Democratic faction, belonging to Tom Malinowski, believe the president is struggling to mobilize support by awakening racial hatred.

“His words are not just words. The words were like gasoline, which consumed the anger of those who were disturbed by their thoughts, “Malinowski said.

Trump denied he was racist and looked at the four women members of Congress whom he attacked as socialists. He urged that the four women leave America if they felt dissatisfied.

Some members of Congress from the Republican faction complained about Trump’s verbal attacks, but not a few others, belonging to Senator John Kennedy, supported the president.

“This is not China. This is not North Korea. This is America. If we hate this country, please leave your feet whenever we want, “Kennedy explained.

Based on information from Kyle Kondik, a political analyst from the University of Virginia, Trump’s narrow victory in 2016 and his relatively low level of public support made it difficult for him to be re-elected.

“If the level of support is below 45 percent, it needs to garner significant support from those who oppose it, and this is the most difficult,” said Kyle Kondik.

The rhetorical war that took place this week could be felt like a glimpse of how fierce the presidential election campaign will be next year.